Conditions of Hire


Is needed on all party & Event castles. Where we are contracted to supervise that is exactly what we will do. You are required ,& responsible for all supervision any other time. CHILD SAFTEY should be your no 1 priority Someone over the age of 18 yrs watching the kids, GREAT


Mini Jump will set up & remove all equipment. This will be done before your hire is to start. Pack up after your hire time finishes. Our fee is based on removing the equipment immediately after your hire is finished.. All set ups are on grass unless contact has been made indicating this to Minijump. Any other surface will attract ADDITIONAL FEES. Do not move the castle after our staff have installed it. This will void all insurances

Some outer areas will attract a travel fee, this will be added to your booking or enquiry form.

Wet Weather

Most castles have shower covers. These will keep out showers not heavy rain. If raining on morning of hire we will contact you. We will set up on days where showers are forecast. If the weather is to wet you can cancel on the morning of you event. We only charge if we set up the inflatable. If we set up full payment is still required on set up.

High Winds

In the event of high winds children must be evacuated and the castle turned off.

Stairs & Hills

We do not expect our delivery drivers to lump castles up or down hills or stairs nor do we expect them to cart equipment way down the back paddock .Ground must be relatively level or only a slight slope. CHARGES WILL APPLY if we encounter any of the above . Or our delivery staff my refuse to set up.


All pets must be kept away from the inflatable’s. the area must be free of dog & cat droppings. Do not hose in pick up. FAILING TO DO THIS will lead Mini jump to cancel . Hygiene & childrens safety is so important.


Most castles go through a normal side gate. Large castles & combos need 1.2 m of clear access to your yard.. Big slide & Gauntlet need vehicle access to the job.


Cash payment on set up is required. No cheques or cards on the day. For all Cheque payments ph Mini jump 7 working days Before hire date.


A cleaning fee of $50.00 will be charged for any castles that have been trashed .


A copy of our public liability insurance is available on request.

If in doubt Ph Mini jump on 0468 791 213

All bookings can be made online with our simple form